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 [Tutorial]How to soft mod a 4.2 Wii

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PostSubject: [Tutorial]How to soft mod a 4.2 Wii   Sun Mar 21, 2010 5:37 am

This tutorial shows how to soft mod a wii running on version 4.2.
Soft modding a wii this way is only compatible with wii system version 4.2, if you have a different version you will most likely end up bricking your wii.

Required Objects/Files:
An SD card (recommended is a 2 GB card.)
The modify.zip, which contains everything you need to soft mod your wii. (To get this file you will need to email simplisticmod@gmail.com.)

Step One: Preparing the SD card.
Extract the modify.zip folder to your desktop.
Copy all the contents of the modify folder to your SD card.

Step Two: Installing homebrew channel and bootmii. (DVDX is optional)

Turn on your wii, but make sure that your SD card is not yet inserted.
Once your wii is turned on, go to the SD card menu.
Now insert your SD cardand click yes when a pop up appears saying load boot.dol/elf
You should now be taken to a screen that says if you bought homebrew you were scammed, ignore it and wait until a Press 1 to continue notification appears. Press 1.
Now install homebrew, DVDX(optional), and bootmii.(It is recommended to install bootmii as a boot2)

Step Three: Making a NAND backup.
Restart your Wii, if Bootmii was installed as boot2, then it will show up as soon as the Wii is turned on.
If Bootmii was only installed as an IOS, then it must be loaded by pressing home in the HBC and clicking Launch Bootmii.
Once in Bootmii you should be presented with a screen with four icons. Navigate to the last one using the power button and select it by pressing restart.
Press reset again to begin your NAND back up.(If you get bad blocks while making a NAND back up, don't worry)

Step Four: Restoring the Trucha Bug, Removing Stub IOS's, Installing cIOS & Patching the System Menu IOS
Go to the homebrew channel. From here run Mulit-Mod Manager.
Go down to select Install & Patch IOS36. Choose Express Mode. Go down to select Remove stubbed IOSs. Press A everytime it finds a stub.
Now go back to the homebrew channel and run WAD manager.
Select all the WAD's by pressing + over each one. Now press 1 to install them. Once it finishes installing them press and button, then press home to return to the homebrew channel.

Step Five: Enable System Menu Hacks(Optional, only recommended if bootmii is installed as a IOS)
From the homebrew channel run Priiloader.
Once the application opens press + to install priiloader.
Now hold the reset button until Priiloader appears.
Enable desired hacks and save.

Congrats, you just soft-modded your Wii!
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[Tutorial]How to soft mod a 4.2 Wii
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